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    The QuranStore.com is an international Islamic Gifts Store serving the 2 billion Muslims around the world. The store offers various prints of the Holy Quran in terms of font types, paper sizes, paper qualities, annotated interpretation for Tajweed, Memorization, 10-Narration Readings, and Language Translations in; all comes in many beautiful standard and treasure binding editions.

    We also offer many various modern style Islamic products, prayer mats, prayer beads, prayer dresses and elegant selections of beautiful gifts souvenirs. More conveniently, the store is making it easy and well managed for Muslims to gift Quran, Water, Food, Iftar Sa’em and many other Ihsan gifts to their fellow Muslims at different places around the world. In particular, those gifts that are distributed in the outside yards and the vicinity of the Two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Medina, where Allah rewards are the greatest.

    The store is developed and owned by Aldroub Almosherga Trading Company. A Riyadh based Saudi private commercial company fully licensed by the Saudi ministries of trade and information and the store is registered Maarouf, the Ministry of Trade eCommerce authentication platform.

    QuranStore.com is the first international Islamic store... from the land of the Two Holy Mosques and to all over of the world!!

    Customer Service: care@QuranStore.com
    Investment Inquiries: invest@QuranStore.com