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    Free Quran Registration Form

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    1. Please fill this form to register your interest in receiving free copies of the Holy Quran.
    2. One registration form per person, family, school, mosques, or other entities. Replicated forms will be deleted.
    3. To increase your chances of fulfilling your order sooner, please make sure to fill all required information clearly and accurately.
    4. If we couldn’t ship your order or it got returned to us by the shipping company due to errors in your data and address, we will not contact you to correct, nor try to ship again.
    5. Please choose the right and appropriate quantities correlating with your entity size. We may ask for further justifications if needed.
    6. It may take us some time to ship all or part of the copies you requested depending on how soon we can find a person or entity who agrees to pay for them as a gift to you.
    7. We give no guarantee or obligation to fulfil your request. We will cancel it if we can’t fulfill it within six months.
    8. By submitting your request, you agreed to Quran Store and Free Quran service Terms & Conditions.
    9. Your answers to Umrah related questions are for voluntary contribution to marketing studies we do from time to time.
    10. No returns nor exchange of shipped free-products allowed.