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    20 Qurans (IndoPak) with Tafseer, Standard Size
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    20 Qurans (IndoPak) with Tafseer, Standard Size

    كرتون به 20 مصحف بخط الأردو مع التفسير هو إصدار مميز يتضمن نص القرآن الكريم مكتوباً …

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    Product Description

    A box of 20 Urdu-fonts Qurans with interpretation (Tafseer) excerpts is a distinctive edition that includes the text of the Holy Quran written in beautiful and distinctive Urdu fonts, accompanied by a detailed and comprehensive interpretation of the verses' meanings. This Quran enables readers to understand the meanings of the Quran more deeply and clearly, making it easier for them to apply religious lessons and teachings in their daily lives.

    Tafseer Annotation Features:
    • Help in understanding and applying Quranic teachings
    • Serves as a tool for scholars, students, and general readers
    • Provides insights into moral, legal, and spiritual dimensions of Quranic message
    • Contributes to preservation of Quranic message and engagement in global Muslim lives

    • Annotations written by several scholars
    • Printed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: This Quran (IndoPak) is in Urdu fonts and all margin annotations are writting in Urdu language and it is published for the use of the vast population of Urdu speaking Muslims all over the world and at the two holy mosques.

    Product Information

    UPC QB-RD010-ST20U
    Product Type Quran Bundles
    Box Dimensions (cm) 40x30x15
    Publisher Printed in Riyadh
    Number of Qurans 20
    Size Standard
    Weight 11.0
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