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    Al-Madinah Quran in Shu'bah Narration
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    Al-Madinah Quran in Shu'bah Narration

    The holy Quran Koran. Shu'bah methods of reciting Qur'an. King Fahad Madinah complex…

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    Product Description

    The sacred Quran, or Koran Shu'bah is the recitation of the Qur'an. King Fahad Madinah complex 2010. The most excellent and well-known Koranic version, issued in Madinah in 1431 HE/2010 AD.
    A well-known Quranic recitationist, Shu'bah ibn 'Ayyash (d. 805 CE) is credited with one of the seven recognized recitation styles (Qira'at) that has been passed down via a trustworthy line of narrators. Every one of these seven Qira'at has a distinct pronunciation and recitation style.

    • Narrated by Qunbul on Ibn Katheer's authority.
    • Considered valuable by researchers in Qur'anic sciences and interpretation.
    • Related to tenets of advocacy, belief, and jurisprudence.
    • Falling within the scope of Qur'anic sciences and interpretation sciences.

    Product Information

    UPC QM00075-SHU-SQ50-RG-RD
    Product Type The Noble Quran
    Color Red
    Dimensions (cm) 20.1x14.5x2.1
    Language Arabic
    Number of Pages 640
    Reading Shu'bah
    Size Standard
    Paper Thickness (gm) 50
    Shipping Weight 1.06
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