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    Al-Madinah Tafseer Muyassar - Standard Size
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    Al-Madinah Tafseer Muyassar - Standard Size

    This era urgently required the creation of a concise interpretation adhering to the …

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    Product Description

    This era urgently required the creation of a concise interpretation adhering to the principles of interpretation and its references, following the methodology of the righteous predecessors, to ensure its clarity and gain the trust of hearts. This interpretation aims to explain the meanings and objectives of the Quran concisely and clearly, highlighting the meanings of words and structures that can be understood by the general public.

    A group of esteemed scholars, known for their knowledge and competence in interpretation, was chosen to formulate the initial version, with several key guidelines in mind:

    • Interpretation of verses according to the creed of the righteous predecessors.
    • Presentation of established matters in interpretation based on authentic sources.
    • Restriction to conveying the authentic or most probable opinions.
    • Emphasis on the guidance and purposes of the Quranic verses in the interpretation.
    • Use concise and clear expressions with explanations of the meanings of unfamiliar words during the interpretation.
    • Confirmation of the equivalent meaning of the verse.
    • Avoidance of unnecessary additions from other verses unless essential.
    • Direct presentation of the meaning of the verse without unnecessary details, unless required.
    • Interpretation of each verse individually.
    • Interpretation by the Hafs recitation.
    • Avoid mentioning recitations and issues of grammar, morphology, syntax, and eloquence.
    • Interpretation of each verse within the space allotted in the Madinah Mushaf.

    This interpretation is intended to be translated into various languages, and it avoids using terms that may pose challenges in translation.


    Title: An Elite Group of Scholars
    Preparation | Supervision | Introduction | Care and Review: Saleh bin Abdulaziz bin Muhammad Al Al-Sheikh
    Translation | Translation Review | Translation Verification: Not Applicable
    Subject Classification: Quranic Interpretation | Interpretation by Tradition
    Publisher: King Fahd Complex for Printing the Holy Quran | Madinah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    Edition Number: Large Size: Sixth Edition | Medium Size: Fourth Edition
    Year of Release: 2019 CE | 1440 AH
    Number of Volumes: 1
    Number of Pages: 624
    Cover Type: Luxurious Hardcover
    Paper Type: High-Quality Shamua Paper
    Printing: Color Printing | Very Clear Font

    Product Information

    UPC BM00304-TFS-ST
    Product Type Islamic Books
    Color Brown
    Dimensions (cm) 20.2x14.4x2.1
    Language Arabic
    Pages 624
    Publishing House King Fahad Glorious Quran Printing Complex in Al-Madinah Al-Munawara
    Size Standard
    Shipping Weight (Kg) 1.06
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