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    Al-Madinah Palm Size Quran, 6-Parts
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    Al-Madinah Palm Size Quran, 6-Parts

    Al-Madinah Hand Sized 6-Parts Quran 

    Printed at King Fahad Glorious Quran Printing …

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    Product Description

    The Holy Quran hand size which is printed at King Fahad Madinah printing 2021 in 6 parts. Arabic text.
    The Al-Madinah Quran is renowned for its exacting adherence to the handwriting style and script prevalent in Medina. This specific version places a lot of emphasis on having a simple, easy-to-read script. A wide range of Quranic readers and learners are drawn to the readily available Madinah Quran because of its readability and simplicity. It's crucial to remember that the text of the Quran is the same in all versions and manuscripts; the title "Madinah Quran" refers mainly to the calligraphic traditions and artistic elements connected to Medina.

    • Prints in 6 parts, Arabic text.
    • Adheres to Medina handwriting style and script.
    • Emphasizes simple, easy-to-read screenplay.
    • Attracts a wide range of Quranic readers due to readability and simplicity.
    • Text remains the same across all versions.
    • Title "Madinah Quran" refers to Medina calligraphic traditions and artistic elements.

    Product Information

    UPC QM00019-SM-6P
    Product Type The Noble Quran
    Dimensions (cm) 13x9x3.3 cm , 5.1x3.5x1.3 inch
    Publisher King Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex
    Reading Hafs
    Size Small
    Weight (Kg) 0.27
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