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    Gifting 10 Qurans to Pilgrims in Mecca
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    Gifting 10 Qurans to Pilgrims in Mecca

    10 Qurans, including shipping, distribution, and taxes.

    280.00 SAR

    Incl. 15% VAT

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    Product Description

    Gifting 10 Qurans to Pilgrims in Mecca


    At your command, Ya Allah, even if I am not among the pilgrims in the Talbiyah...

    Share the pilgrims’ rewards and prayers wherever you are!


    Gifting Quran, Meal, or Water to pilgrims is a Kindness Gift of great rewards. This shall make you feel honored and blessed as if you are there among them. 


    With ease and comfort, you can send your kindness gifts through QuranStore.com. Will send you a confirmation message upon the completion of your order.


    May Allah accept your kindness…


    Product Information

    UPC HAJ45-QRN-10
    Product Type Kindness Gifts
    Edition Printed in Riyadh
    Number of Qurans 10
    Distribution Sites Makkah AlMukarramah
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