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    Gifting 20 Qurans, World-Wide
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    Gifting 20 Qurans, World-Wide

    20 Qurans from a selection of five Qurans chosen by the Quran recipients

    2000.00 SAR

    Incl. 15% VAT

    Number of Qurans

    Product Description

    QuranStore continually run a Quran Registry to book requests for free copies of the Holy Quran by thousands of people, schools, and mosques from all over the world. 


    Using this Global Quran-Gifting service, you may now enjoy the act of kindness that touches the lives of so many people in many parts of the world. Gifting Quran as Waqf is of great rewards in every letter read over the many days and years it gets read.


    We process Quran requests based on receipient needs in a fair and equitable manner. Your gift may fulfill single or multiple orders that ship to single or multiple countries. Price cover Quran and international shipping expenses. Will send you confirmation message upon completion of your order. May allah accept your kindness. 

    Product Information

    UPC WWQ-20
    Product Type Quran Gift - Global
    Number of Qurans 20
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