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    Gifting 6-Packs of Water to Pilgrims in Mecca
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    Gifting 6-Packs of Water to Pilgrims in Mecca

    6-Packs of 200ml Water Bottles, including shipping, distribution, and tax.

    9.99 SAR

    Incl. 15% VAT

    Product Description


    At Your command, Ya Allah...
    even if I am not among the pilgrims reciting the Talbiyah at Hajj.. I can still partake in the sacred journey.

    Share the pilgrims’ reward and prayers wherever you are by giving Water to the pilgrims at Hajj. A unique kindness gift of great rewards at this great event in time and place.

    With ease and comfort, you can send your kindness gifts through QuranStore.com. Will send you a confirmation message upon the completion of your order.

     May Allah accept your kindness…


    Product Information

    UPC HAJ45-WTR-200-6P
    Product Type Kindness Gifts
    Number of Boxes Six-Packs
    Distribution Sites Makkah AlMukarramah
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