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    Quran with Jalalain Tafseer, Large Size
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    Quran with Jalalain Tafseer, Large Size

    Quran with Jalalain Tafseer, Large Size 20x28cm

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    Product Description


    This Quran with Tafseer annotations (Jalalain Edition) is a valuable resource for believers, as it aids in comprehending the Quran's teachings and applying them to contemporary situations. It serves as a tool for scholars, students, and general readers alike to explore the richness of the Quranic message. The integration of Tafseer in Quranic editions contributes to the preservation of the Quranic message and facilitates its meaningful engagement in the lives of Muslims around the world. This large size 20x28 is suitable for those who are comfortable in reading large size letters and keep reading for many hours without straining their eyes. You may enjoy reading it better when it is resting on top of an adjustable Quran holder.  



    ·      Help in understanding and applying Quranic teachings

    ·      Serves as a tool for scholars, students, and general readers

    ·      Contributes to preservation of Quranic message and engagement in global Muslim lives

    ·      This Jalalain edition comes with Tafseer written by Jalaluddin Almuhla and Jalauddin Alsyutee 


    Product Information

    UPC RQ-LG-BLU-01
    Product Type The Noble Quran
    Color Dark Blue
    Dimensions (cm) 20x28
    Publisher Printed in Riyadh
    Reading Hajfs
    Size Large
    Shipping Weight 2.0
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