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    Return and Exchange Policy:

    To benefit from return and exchange services, you must contact customer service via email or WhatsApp only within a maximum of 3 days of receiving your order. Return and exchange includes all products except:

    1. Holy Qurans, books, food items, and electronic devices, unless there is a manufacturing defect in them or if you received a wrong order.
    2. If the product/service includes providing donations of Quran/books, or accommodation, transportation, or feeding services that we carry out on your behalf in Mecca, Medina, or any other place or country.
    3. If the product was manufactured or modified based on the customer’s request or according to specifications specified by him, unless a manufacturing defect was found in it or you received a wrong order.
    4. If the product appears defective due to customer misuse.
    and according to the following conditions:

    1. The return and exchange period is calculated from the date of receipt
    2. The product must be in the same condition as when purchased and wrapped in the original packaging.
    3. The store has the right to inspect the product before exchanging it to ensure its safety. The customer is responsible for paying the shipping cost if he wants to replace the product. In the case of an international exchange, the customer will bear the full shipping costs and deliver the product to the shipping company, but in the event of manufacturing defects or an error, the customer will be compensated.
    4. Receiving the shipment from the shipping company is considered an acknowledgment from the customer that the shipment (carton) is intact and in good condition and was not opened before receipt.
    5. Shipping fees, customs duties, taxes, and all other fees related to international shipping are not refundable if the order is returned or not received, with the exception of a manufacturing defect in the product.
    6. International shipping orders are not subject to return or exchange unless there is a manufacturing defect or you received the wrong order.
    7. The value of purchases will be returned within 14 days of receiving the shipment via the same payment channel or by bank transfer.