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    Rawdah Al-Zahidin Prayer Mat, Blue
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    Rawdah Al-Zahidin Prayer Mat, Blue

    Rawdaا Mat prayer is a unique blend of spiritual significance and the architectural …

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    Product Description

    The Al Rawdah prayer mat is a unique blend of spiritual significance and the architectural beauty of the Madina Mosque (Al-Masjid Al-Nabawi). Each mat showcases a distinctive design capturing a perspective from the Prophet's Mosque, serving as a poignant reminder of that sacred place.

    Crafted with care, from design conception to knitting, weaving, and finishing, these prayer mats are proudly manufactured in Madinah Al Munawara. The factory responsible for their production is among the oldest and most renowned textile factories in Saudi Arabia, situated in Madinah.

    These prayer mat are a local product of Madinah Al Munawara, a city cherished by many—a token from the city of Taibah. They serve as a beautiful and meaningful keepsake of your journey to the Holy cities of Madinah and Makkah, or simply as a cherished possession from the beloved city of Madinah.


    • Inspired by the designs of the original Rawdah carpet in Al Masjid Al Nabawi
    • High quality and distinctive design
    • This prayer mats manufactured in Madinah Al Munawara

    Product Information

    UPC MN24-004B
    Product Type Islamic Accessories
    Color Blue
    Dimensions (CM) 70x114
    Shipping Weight 1.0
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