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    Gifting 10 Ihsan Meals in Almadinah
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    Gifting 10 Ihsan Meals in Almadinah

    10 Ihsan Meals in Madinah including shipping, distribution and Taxes

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    Product Description


    Kindness (Ihsan) gifts are the best ways that a person shows obedience to Allah and earns good deeds (Hasanat). Gifting food are great deeds earned by giving out food to the needy Muslims for many reparation acts such as Kafarah and Fidyah, and as general Sadagah.


    Kafarah (expiation of sin): provides an opportunity to recompense for individuals who deliberately miss or break a fast during Ramadan without a valid reason. Many other purposes for Kafarah include Breaking Oath,  Breaking Vows, and others. Breaking Ramadan fasting fasting Kafarah where a person misses a day of fasting inexcusably, he or she should either fast for 60 consecutive days or feed 60 poor people.


    Fidyah: is a religious donation to help those in need and have various variation. In Ramadan, it is paid when someone is unable to fast during Ramadan due to medical conditions or any other valid reasons such as a prolonged illness and will not be able to make up the fast.


    Sadaqah (Charity):  means a voluntary offering, whose amount is at the will of the benefactor.


    Further, the number of these deeds can be amplified based on the time and the place you provide them. Noticeably, during Ramadan and at the vicinity of the two Holy Mosques in Mecca and Al-Madinah. While the single prayer in Mecca is weighted at hundred thousand ones elsewhere, and in Al-Madinah at a thousand prayer elsewhere; all other deeds performed at them are weighted much more than if they are done elsewhere, but at an unspecified multiple by Almighty Allah.


    While fasting and praying are better performed in person at the two Holy Mosques to earn the most deeds if you can be physically there, you can still earn the same deeds of those who can by providing them with the fast-breaking meals or regular meals at any time of the day at the vicinities of Mecca and Al-Madinah.


    With ease and comfort of your place anywhere around the world, you can buy Food Gifts services from our store. Simply choose the number of meals, select the distribution location options at the Two Holy Mosques, and complete your purchase. We manage the whole catering service from meal preparation, transport, and on-site distribution in cooperation with our partners of local vendors and charity organizations. We will confirm the completion of your order by sending you an SMS or eMail message once completed. Prices include meal set, transport, distribution, and local taxes.


    You may privately make your own internal intentions at the time of purchase, deciding that these deeds for what reparation act and if they are for yourself, or for other living or passing dear person(s) that you intend to gift these great rewards. May Allah accept your kindness.


    Product Information

    Product Type Kindness Gifts
    Number of Meals 10
    Distribution Sites AlMadinah AlMunawwarah
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